Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here I sit this morning pondering life. We are in a battle with the real estate as we have been given notice to leave. Upon receiving advice from the RTA (Residential Tenancies Association) we have been assured they had no legal reason to issue it. So now I am in the process of finding a new home to live in. We have 2 weeks. As this will be too difficult to deal with due. Now I have to pack up a house. This was added stress we did not need. But if they want to play hard ball, then we will play hard ball.

I am hoping the boys new school staff will be back to work this week. I need to finalise their enrolments/transfers from their school in Armadale,WA. I also need to know what the school uniform is, and a book list. This is going to be an expensive week.

I have some stitchy news to report I have had another finish Lizzie Kate's: Friendship warms the heart. I am going to finish it into a pin keep I think I just need to find my local fabric and supplies store, and the time to make it. Will post a photo later.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow what a month?

Well we have been in our new rental for 1 month. We have been back home in Queensland since the end of November.

The boys are settling into daycare. I have applied to go to Uni to continue my studies to become a teacher. Brad has started work this last week, doing the "Kenny" thing again...( ) delivering and servicing portable toilets. He seems happy enough has an almost brand new truck with all the mod cons.

The school admin should be back to work next week so I can get the boys enrolled in school and complete the transfer from Neerigen Brook Primary school in Armadale, WA, to Redbank Plains Primary school. We live a 2 minute drive away from the school. Even though I have found them daycare I still have to find them before and after school care as this daycare does not drop off or pick up at their school.

Ray is really liking day care, I hope this continue when his brothers go to school on January 27th. Kevin will be in year 2 and Gary will be in prepatory. I am looking this week for presents for Gary's Birthday which is coming up on Feb 26th he is going to be 5.

I have been doing some stitching. I have managed to have a 2 finishes 1, Lizzie Kate "Friendship Needs No Reason" and 2) Lizzie Kate ABC 123. I am gonna make them into cushions. I have started Lizzie Kate Friendship Warms the Heart and hope to have it finished soon.