Friday, April 17, 2009

School holiday Movies

School Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here on sit on a Saturday morning trying to work which is more important to do mow the lawn and spend in the garden or to sit and stitch the day away.
The boys return to school on Tuesday April 21st. This lot of school holidays have been expensive just for the activities they have done with day care cost me $100 for them both.

Lets see

  • Tuesday they went to the movies and saw Monster v Aliens see widget in the post below.
  • Wednesday they went to Ipswich Civic theatre to see Daisy May is an impossibly cool cat! She can sing jazz, dance and play tunes.
  • Thursday they went bowling
  • Friday was Putt Putt Golf
This is Daisy may.

The boys are starting swimming lessons this week with Ray going on Mondays and Gary and Kevin on a Thursday afternoon.

On the stitching front I have been working on my Checkerboard and have started my April Ornie.

I am over half way to completing this project. I am about the same with my April ornie and I have not yet decided on the choose your own ornie I will stitch for April/May xsers challenge.
The checkerboard is part of my UFO challenge I have entered this month. I need to stitch another 7 squares and more of the border to complete my challenge.
I am glad that the sun is shining and the rain has stopped for a while. We had a nice thunderstorm last night and that was great for the garden and gave the lawn a drink.
Until next time

Friday, April 3, 2009

Been having fun

Well where do i start. i know that it has been a while since I have updated but I have been busy with uni.

Kevin turned 7 on April 1st, he was so excited. He got spoiled rotten just some of his presents were Lego, Ben 10 alien force jigsaw puzzles, magnetix set, a couple of dinosaur books with a book mark.

On March 30th we had parent/teacher interviews, Gary is doing just amazing things at school. His teaching is leaving after Easter so that will be interesting since it has taken me all term to get him settled and allow me to just walk away without tears or similar. He gets to wear a gold badge everyday at school for striving to be his best it is a behaviour program that they run in the school. On the last day of school term he will get pizza for lunch and a disco to celebrate his good behaviour.

The best thing about school is the way Kevin has now settled in walks himself to class from Gary's classroom in the morning and back in the afternoon. He has a spelling test each Friday and for the last 8 weeks has been getting 8/8 so the teacher has extended his words to 15 words to see how he goes. He is reading level 15 books and does 3 books week and a homework sheet. He is enjoying his teacher now and wants to go to school everyday.

I have one finish stitching wise since I was on here last. This is for the xsers group it is March ornie that i have finished into one to hang on the tree. I have been stitching on my UFO - 2008 Marsye SAL 2008 checkerboard. Will post a photo next time I am online.
Uni is keeping me very busy have assignments due next week and then I am on holiday for 10 days just like the schools. School holidays April 10 - 20 (including student free day).
Till next time