Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well so much has happened since I last updated this blog.
Yesterday (February 26) it was Gary’s 5th birthday. He got very spoilt from us. He received 4 different jigsaw puzzles, some kinex, glow in the dark spiders and bugs, an army helicopter that is battery operated that unloads cargo. Well he is growing up, he is settling into school. He is still having difficulty in morning greetings; however it is getting a little better every week.

Kevin is in year 2 and he is on his third teacher. The first happened when the school qualified with enough student numbers to get a 10th teacher. So he went from Miss Crane (year 2/3) for three weeks to Miss Caldecutt (Year 2) for 3 days to Mrs Alexis (Year 20). I certainly hope this is the last teacher change this year he had a really hard time adjusting to all the different teaching styles. It has take 2 weeks for him to stop getting upset and not wanting me to go. He made me proud today, both the boys had tuckshop orders for lunch today, and he said to me mum I am going off to class now. He left me to do the lunch order. This is such an improvement.

At our school we have parade every Tuesday at 2:15. Well I was told on Monday that I had to go because Kevin was getting a certificate for his outstanding handwriting. But to my surprise Gary also got a certificate for being a good friend and always sharing nicely with his peers. So needless to say I was a very proud mum this week.

Raymond my littlest boy had 12 stitches in his back where Tuesday night last week in the bath slipped and got himself on the broken soap. Well the next day the handyman from the real estate was here and put some tape on it. By Thursday afternoon there was a brand new soap dish in place. Ray was so brave he only cried till I got the steri- strips on it and the bleeding slowed to next to nothing. Ray is really enjoying going to daycare and has adjusted really well to going by himself without his brothers. He is quite the conversationalist now speaking in full sentences. It is great to see him growing and maturing. He is still Mr attitude and grumpy with a temper to boot.

On the stitching front i have managed to finish both my February ornaments. I have started to stitch Maryse SAL 2008 which was a checkerboard this is my big project for the beginning of the year and see how I go. the site needs to be translated from French to English.

I now have my Queensland licence and surrendered my Western Australian licence. Surprisingly got my original licence number back after 8 years of being with a Western Australian one. I miss alot about Perth, most importantly my friends that were more like family. I am still adjusting to life back in Queensland. The most difficult for me not have my good friends to call on if needed.

Till next time

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Victorian Bushfire


I sit here at my pc trying to gather my thoughts on what to say about the tragedy that is the Victorian bushfire as it stands the numbers are devastating.

181 lives lost
1861 homes lost
7000 people left homeless
1 million animals lost

By yesterday afternoon, $83.9 million had been donated to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund through the Red Cross, mostly by individuals.
My 3 boys have donated their pocket money totally $100 between them which was very touching so as a family we doubled that and gave them back their pocket money so they can continue to save for their own special something.

This is a beautiful story of a Koala that was given a bottle of water. This brought a tear to my eye not only have we lost 100s of human lives (a lot of whom a children) but they estimate we lost at least 1 million native animals as well that is not including of the domestic animals that had to be left behind.

I live in Queensland and this state is having its own natural disaster with floods pales in comparison but last weekend 62% of the state was under water. It is our wet season up North.

It seems our vast land always has something different to offer us to contemplate at one time or another. I just hope that Mother Nature takes it easy on us for a while so we van recover. The true Aussie spirit has been challenged and through united we stand. I am an Aussie battler but i am so proud to say the I am Australian now more than ever.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.

With these natural disasters going on I have noting to complain about what so ever.

Till next time thoughts and prayers and good wishes to all going through hardship.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Moving again

Well we have made it through the first week of school. There were plenty of tears flowing this last week. Kevin is in a year 2/3 class with Mrs Crane. At first Kevin had troubled making friends but now he seems to have made a couple of really nice friends. He has asked me if he can play junior rugby league and I am considering the idea but it is so expensive. We have also talked about scouts and Tai kwon do (sp?) We need to decide by the end of this week.

Here are my 3 lads on the first day of their new school (Kevin, Ray in front, & Gary)

Gray started Prep and had a few really big teary days by Friday he was off being the helper and was happy. He also has made some friends a couple of whom go to day care with him so that will also help.

Ray my baby (3.5y) is also adjusting to being at day care by himself having to make his own friends and not playing with his brothers. Although he woke up from his nap crying for his brothers it seems to be going really well now. He still cries a little when I drop him off but that is to be expected for a little while.

Whilst it was a tough week, I know that it is all part of growing up, for them and for me as a mum. Speaking of tough weeks we have found another house to move into so this weekend we are moving. I am so sick of moving it is ridiculous. But it is an improvement from where we are now it is a 4 bed 1 bath with a fully fenced yard. I can’t wait to get settled finally after almost 3 months of worried and sleeplessness in ensuring our family is safe and happy.

On the stitching side of things I have stitched my February ornament for the xsers group I chose to do holly berries mini biscornu. I will assemble it on the weekend after the move. I am moving on to the other Feb challenge is “Choose Your Own Ornie” and I am doing O Christmas tree by Helga Mandl it was a sal done through Wonderful XS World yahoo group in 2007.

That is all for now.