Friday, February 13, 2009

The Victorian Bushfire


I sit here at my pc trying to gather my thoughts on what to say about the tragedy that is the Victorian bushfire as it stands the numbers are devastating.

181 lives lost
1861 homes lost
7000 people left homeless
1 million animals lost

By yesterday afternoon, $83.9 million had been donated to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund through the Red Cross, mostly by individuals.
My 3 boys have donated their pocket money totally $100 between them which was very touching so as a family we doubled that and gave them back their pocket money so they can continue to save for their own special something.

This is a beautiful story of a Koala that was given a bottle of water. This brought a tear to my eye not only have we lost 100s of human lives (a lot of whom a children) but they estimate we lost at least 1 million native animals as well that is not including of the domestic animals that had to be left behind.

I live in Queensland and this state is having its own natural disaster with floods pales in comparison but last weekend 62% of the state was under water. It is our wet season up North.

It seems our vast land always has something different to offer us to contemplate at one time or another. I just hope that Mother Nature takes it easy on us for a while so we van recover. The true Aussie spirit has been challenged and through united we stand. I am an Aussie battler but i am so proud to say the I am Australian now more than ever.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.

With these natural disasters going on I have noting to complain about what so ever.

Till next time thoughts and prayers and good wishes to all going through hardship.