Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where does the time fly?

Well it has been almost 1 month since my last post. Kevin and Gary are well and truly settled into school which is a great relief. They are both loving school. Gary has a new teacher this term, Miss Doughty has replaced Mrs Pyke who is on long service leave and will then retire.

Ray is really enjoying day care he now has both of his favourite carers in his room. Every other morning he gets upset because he wants to go to school with his brothers and does not want to wait until next year when he will start prep.

Photos above:
1) Family Portrait - Brad surprised me in the beginning of May with a sitting for a family portrait and here it is. It was delivered and framed in time for Mother's Day which was great.
2) April Ornie - Starry Night from the 2008 Ornament edition from Just Cross Stitch. Not sure how I am going to finish this yet I am considering a flat ornament to hang on the tree.
3) April Challenge - choose your own. This is Helga Mendel "For Rudolph". I finished this on a gift box for one of the teachers at Christmas time.
4) Maryse SAL 2008 Checkerboard completed and ready to frame. Gary wants this for his bedroom wall.

I am still having difficulty in getting truly settled here in Brisbane. It is difficult to make friends. But that has always been a challenge to me and I am guessing it always will be. Brad's limited income and his direct deductions that are coming out, money is very tight.

I have replanted the garden at the back of our rental that was very overgrown with weeds. It now has pretty flowers that my boys help me plant.

This past week has seen some very torrential rain and weaqther conditions here in Brissy. Our street was flooded took 90 minutes to drive a 20 minute trip from the boys school to ray's daycare. More on that next post hopefully sooner than the last one.